Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Richard Wilson 20:50

Visiting Richard Wilson's room of engine oil in the old Saatchi gallery many years ago was one of the greatest piece of modern art I'd ever seen, still ever seen. I headed into the walkway with no idea what the room was about, only that it was mirrored, to have the attendant freak out at me and tell me not to touch anything. As it was a room FILLED WITH OIL.

I was very happy to see its new home in the Saatchi space off the Kings Road this morning but they currently aren't letting you walk into the wedge. I felt pretty privileged to have been able to experience the piece as it should be, in the middle of a lake that is both totally black and empty but dizzyingly filled with twice the room all at the same time.

A definite must see all the same. And I love that it's ominously housed in Gallery 13.