Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lord Huron and his band are coming to knock you out

I have come to speak with you about your daughter.
She's no girl, she's a woman sir. If she wants to go and see the world she oughtta.
You have kept her here for twenty years alone.
But I'll have you know she's fully grown, and she sure knows just what she wants, my god.

If you won't allow her leaving I must take her.
I'm seeing red and I'd kill you dead if you tried to keep her here, no you can't make her.
You imagine that she's just as pure as ever.
But I have been known to shake her bones yeah we've been known to shudder and moan together.

I am not the problem. You are.

I love her. She loves me. I thought you should know.

take a listen here

Friday, August 20, 2010

too too touitou

via vain and vapid

Michael Crowe

with work like shush party and kinder poems I have fallen deeply in word love with Michael Crowe

five little words

new exhibit of swearing & friendship at Londonewcastle Project Space in London on the super hip Redchurch Street, my new spiritual home.

opens TODAY

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking

GAUNTLET HAIR // I was thinking... from caitlin mcnichols on Vimeo.

this is musical catharsis for me today

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Richard Wilson 20:50

Visiting Richard Wilson's room of engine oil in the old Saatchi gallery many years ago was one of the greatest piece of modern art I'd ever seen, still ever seen. I headed into the walkway with no idea what the room was about, only that it was mirrored, to have the attendant freak out at me and tell me not to touch anything. As it was a room FILLED WITH OIL.

I was very happy to see its new home in the Saatchi space off the Kings Road this morning but they currently aren't letting you walk into the wedge. I felt pretty privileged to have been able to experience the piece as it should be, in the middle of a lake that is both totally black and empty but dizzyingly filled with twice the room all at the same time.

A definite must see all the same. And I love that it's ominously housed in Gallery 13.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

where you'll find me

praying that the umbrella is not needed much

illustration by Blanca Gomez

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Nothing But Our Love

dog days



nose bleeds


edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

that will hurt

entry to manhattan

little bit of my july

it was a goodie

Sun Airway - Oh Naoko

Sun Airway's "Oh, Naoko" visuals from klipcollective on Vimeo.

kicking myself

I'm in London right now and real day one of holiday involved a trip up to Notting Hill for a bit of vintage shopping. I found a couple great things but hemmed and hawed over a pair of vintage high waisted leather shorts. And now I came across this photo on Hanneli's blog and I am seriously regretting leaving them behind... I'm going back on Friday so all fingers are crossed that I can find them again...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

everything in between

new poster for new no age album