Thursday, July 8, 2010

move around and make a fool of yourself

Tilda Swinton and Mark Cousins instigated a flash mob in Edinburgh to recreate Laurel and Hardy's Avalon Boys jig. But nothing super choreographed, not to promote anything per se, just to encourage people to have fun.

she said

“In the film, Stan and Ollie do a wee dance, which is rubbish compared to Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly or any trained dancer, and yet it’s one of the most charming, amusing, gentle, child-like musical numbers in the whole of cinema history.

“And so, in tribute to Stan and Ollie, and to the wee boys inside them, and to their movies, and to dancing in public in Edinburgh, possibly in the rain, and in pure unabashed celebration of doing something as a group and looking like dafties, when the music starts we will put down our newspapers and our adult selves, and do the Laurel and Hardy dance from the film.”

“We need people to join us — especially if they are eight-and-a-half, or 85, or an accountant, or passing by, or on the bus, or Alex Salmond, or an Edinburgh International Film Festival moviegoer, or in high heels, or grumpy, or bevvied, or a bit bewildered by the fact that the bell clock has moved from one side of Lothian Road to the other, or if you’ve just bought a talking-point lamp from Ali’s Cave or you don’t usually dance in public.

“If people don’t join us we will look like total fools, though not for the first time.”

so that's what they did

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