Sunday, April 4, 2010

SXSW 2010 - day three

lucy in disguise

so posh

siamese scooby

elsewhere i suppose

Sondre Lerche

hair control

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

Freelance Whales

Local Natives

Bands seen: Sondre Lerche, Holly Miranda, French Revolution, Frightened Rabbit, Freelance Whales, Local Natives, Suckers, An Horse, The Antlers

(most of these photos are digital and I haven't been brave enough to edit and upload them all yet)

amazing food consumed: killer omelettes and carrot cake french toast and even more amazing coffee at South Congress Cafe, pizza (shamefully)


key moments:
- creating havoc at South Congress Cafe and ending up with two waiters serving our one table
- discovering there is such a thing as a worm costume at Lucy in Disguise
- almost wetting ourselves laughing at a stand up comedian that no one else was paying attention to
- seeing Local Natives live for only the first time that weekend, and they were seriously amazing
- being able to strategise some time on South Congress in between all the havoc
- hearing two girls recalling how AWESOME Man Man are and how having their photo taken with Honus Honus was just like the best picture ever taken of all time
- being smart enough to realise we were beat, go home, drink bedtime tea and watch Entertainment Tonight to discover we have no idea of what is going on in tabloid culture right now

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